In Development

Gonz Comics is proud to announce the development of REDSHIFT, an all new comic epic which will introduce you to Meko, a young man with unknown extraordinary abilities.

Meko is accompanied by a slew of intriguing and clandestine characters, each with their own history and ideologies, as he squares off against the malicious forces of Prime Corp.

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Redshift (working title)

V-Chronis Armor

A powered suit that gives it's wearer enhanced skills and abilities.
Suit also comes equipped with tools and defensive capabilities including spectral options (ie infra red, radiowaves), audio boosters, breathing recyclers (when oxygen is scarce like underwater or outer space), hacking gauntlets (can engage and control certain technology), and prehensile retractable cables underneath each palm.  

Although the armor plating is extremely durable and resistant to damage, it is not invulnerable and can be damaged, but has the ability to "heal" and repair non-critical damage.

(Cybernetic Logistics Recon Assistant)

A mysterious technological creature that appears out of the ocean off the coast of Africa.  

With the ability to fly, travel at speeds up to 180km/h (including underwater), speak a multitude of languages, and incapacitate targets with a "tazer-like" effect, the Cyloras appears to be self-aware and on a mission.